Politics of Oil and Gas in a Changing UK #ukenergypolitics II

Now comes the task of reflecting upon – and acting upon – the provocations and suggestions that arose from the intense discussions at this week’s Politics of Oil & Gas conference.

Delegates were continually challenged to ‘imagine’ – to imagine futures, alternative futures, multiple presents and a multitude of pasts (even if one speaker made a plea for not dwelling on history…). They were also challenged – by Tom Greatrex, MP (Shadow Energy Minister)  – to understand competing ‘desires’.

If oil is understood as a cultural substance, then imagining its pasts, presents and futures and understanding the ways in which it creates and fulfills desires is the proper task of the energy humanities. We plan to construct a network of academics, activists, energy workers, environmentalists and others to further explore the contributions that cultural theorists and practitioners can make to understanding the paradoxes of oil in an era of energy transition. We invite anyone who would like to be part of that debate to make contact. Leave a comment or use twitter (@energyculture)


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